STEMMER IMAGING to showcase machine learning and 3D vision at MACH 2018

Stand H19-330, MACH 2018, NEC, Birmingham UK, 09-13 April 2018

STEMMER IMAGING will be showing a wide range of industrial vision technologies at MACH 2018.  These will cover part and assembly verification, new 3D measurement capabilities, versatile general inspection and measurement systems and the latest machine learning approach to pattern recognition. 

Visitors attracted by a football floating on an air stream will be able to see a demonstration of the CVB Polimago pattern matching tool – part of STEMMER IMAGING’s Common Vision Blox (CVB) hardware-independent machine vision library. CVB Polimago uses the latest machine learning methods to determine the position, pose and rotation of the items for pick and place applications, for example. Here the tool is identifying the type and position of icons on the ball in real time, even though the random movement and rotation of the ball distorts the appearance of the icons due to perspective.

Two new 3D tools within CVB will also be on show. Metric3D can create calibrated 3D data, while Match3D allows an acquired point cloud to be matched to a trained point cloud. This enables differences between the trained and test data to be found in order to differentiate between good and bad parts.  Also on show will be two LMI Gocator 2340 all-in-one 3D smart sensors linked together to bring greater versatility to 3D measurements.

The Boa Spot smart single point vision sensors from Teledyne DALSA have embedded vision tools for part locating, feature finding, counting and measuring applications. By providing vision system performance at vision sensor pricing, more points of inspection are possible on the production line leading to better failure analysis and faster, easier corrective actions.

One of the most versatile machine vision combinations will also be on show in the form of a Genie Nano camera and Sherlock machine vision software, both from Teledyne DALSA. Genie Nano cameras are packed with advanced features and are available with an extraordinary choice of colour, monochrome or NIR sensors, with resolutions ranging from VGA to 25 Mpixels. Sherlock is an extremely popular and flexible imaging development environment for vision integrators. Its rich suite of proven vision tools and advanced algorithms can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications.

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