Stainless Band, Bradford based manufacturer of coil processed products, has grown rapidly in its 9 years since inception to become a key supplier of stainless coil to a variety of engineering companies worldwide

Last year, the company processed and dispatched over 4,500 tonnes of coil products worldwide and 2018 is already on track to see this figure increase. At least 5,000 tonnes is projected by the end of the year, thanks in part to the installation of a £45,000 new racking system to increase capacity, a new cam line to increase production and several other improvements within the company.

With a plant list consisting of 20 on-site processing lines including precision slitting, polishing, edge dressing and more, Stainless Band is able to quickly process bespoke orders to suit a wide variety of engineering requirements and fulfil orders with tight project deadlines.

Project deadlines are further facilitated by Stainless Band’s domestic and international shipping service. The recent addition of a dedicated goods outwards bay allows for the testing, inspection and packaging of products prior to shipment, all of which is supported by a sales team with extensive knowledge of shipping by ground, air and sea either within the UK or across borders.

Utilising its versatile, high capacity production lines, stringent quality control measures and short lead times ensures that Stainless Band is able to meet the demands of various engineering companies. With a customer base ranging from companies developing and manufacturing scientific and medical equipment to industrial appliance manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and many more, Stainless Band consistently delivers high levels of satisfaction, which is demonstrated through excellent customer retention and a growing reputation in the stainless coil market.

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