elobau expands its product range with new ultrasonic sensors

elobau has expanded its product range with the introduction of ultrasonic sensors. Five different types of ultrasonic sensors which cover a wide range of measuring and monitoring tasks are available. Three of the five sensor types from the elobau are IO-Link compatible and therefore ready for Industry 4.0 applications. Also available is an ATEX-certified version, and a version specially designed for level measurement in mobile equipment.

Measurement range of up to eight meters

Ultrasonic sensors cyclically emit high-frequency acoustic pulses. The sonic waves are reflected by the target object and converted to an electrical signal by a sonic transducer in the sensor. The use of sonics makes it possible to identify objects regardless of their material. Even objects made from reflective, matte and transparent surface materials are safely captured. Depending on the design, the ultrasonic sensors from elobau cover measurement ranges between 40 millimetres and eight meters. The desired switching distance can be parameterised by the user via IO-Link, teach-in button or programming wire. The switching state is visualised by LEDs on the sensor housing.

2 operating modes, 2 housing materials, 3 designs, 6 outputs: a design for every application

With three cylindrical designs, housings made of stainless steel or plastic,  individually selectable operating modes of diffuse reflection or retro-reflective, as well as analogue and digital outputs, the ultrasonic sensors from elobau can be used in various ways in various industrial applications. “From object recognition through distance measurement to position detection of solid, liquid or powdery substances, our ultrasonic sensors reliably supply data reliably even in the presence of moisture, dust and extreme temperatures”, explains Marc Ford of elobau.