LumaSense Introduces New Ratio Pyrometer IGAR 320 for Mid Temperature Range

Affordable infrared instrument with ratio pyrometer features for a wide range of applications

SANTA CLARA (CA),Frankfurt (M) Germany, March 2018 – LumaSense Technologies, Inc. is pled to announce the release of the IGAR 320 two‐color pyrometer for non‐contact measurement of industrial processes such as metal processing as well as vacuum processes and laser applications.

“This new product provides non‐contact temperature measurement in ratio mode in a relative low temperature range,” explains Daniel Schueftan, LumaSense’s global product manager for pyrometers. “It is based on our well‐established Series 320 and is an affordable solution for some extended applications.”

The pyrometer measures using the ratio (2‐color) method, in which two adjacent wavelengths are used for the temperature determination. This technique is advantageous compared to standard 1‐color pyrometers because the measurement is largely independent of the object’s emissivity, dust and contaminants in the field of view do not impact measurements, and the measuring object can be small er than the spot size.

The IGAR 320 joins the Series 320 family of small, stationary, digital infrared thermometers and leverages highly accurate infrared technology to determine the temperature of a surface. This latest addition to our broad pyrometry portfolio provides an affordable ratio pyrometer with many mentionable features such as a 10 ms response time, built‐in LED targeting light with thermal
intensity alignment, integrated dirty window warning, and RS485 interface.

The temperature range of 300 to 1300 °C and compact size make the IGAR 320 pyrometer ideally suited for many different industrial applications. Sample applications include induction heating, hardening, welding, forging, brazing, soldering, vacuum processes, and laser applications. IMPAC, acquired by LumaSense in 2007, has almost 60 years of experience in infrared and non‐