As industry’s drive towards greener fuel sources continues, biomass users could gain up to double their Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) income by adding steam to their processes, it has been revealed.

Angelo Giambrone, business development manager for Spirax Sarco in the UK, believes many remain unaware of the potential to double their RHI payments, while also reaping the benefits of cogeneration.

“Industries that implement biomass have a fantastic opportunity to increase the RHI that they receive, while generating a small amount of power for their plant,” says Angelo.

“Generating steam instead of hot water in a biomass system allows the latest technology in electrical power generation to be used. This production of electricity from a ‘renewable’ fuel then allows users to claim as much as double the RHI benefit. Once the power is generated, the steam can then produce the hot water the site needs.”

While the UK government’s introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to encourage investment in biomass was relatively well-publicised, the versatility and efficiency of steam remains largely understated. Today, steam plays a vital part in industry worldwide, from pharmaceuticals to clothing, food production and healthcare.

Angelo continues: “Combustion advances and government initiatives have now brought the hi-tech world of steam to a whole new group of users, who stand to benefit in a big way.

“The beauty is that any industry can benefit. Opting for a steam biomass system is effectively a greener way of turning a good opportunity into an unmissable one.”

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