Mobilus in mobili – pioneering compressor quietly drives precision manufacturing on the move

Edinburgh-based manufacturer, Vert Rotors, introduces a new, portable micro-compressor that will allow manufacturers to deliver incredibly high levels of compressed air wherever and whenever they need it. It also overcomes a common health and safety issue within the industry by operating quietly enough to prevent damage to employee hearing.

The global market for industrial compressors is expected to reach approximately $43.54 billion by 2025. The Vert: Nautilus is the first compressor to provide powerful, safe and efficient distributed air on demand wherever it is required. For the first time, this innovative compressor offers a cheaper, more convenient and efficient solution to standard, out-dated static compressors.

The Nautilus comes in an easily transportable casing and is light enough to be lifted manually. It can be wheeled to any location, making it particularly useful for industries where precision manufacturing is a vital consideration, such as automotive and aerospace metrology departments. These organisations must work to precise specifications within a millionth of an inch, and manufacture a high number of components each day to remain competitive. Ensuring cost of production remains within budget is a key factor for these companies.

Olly Dmitrieve, CEO of Vert Rotors explains: “The Nautilus can be easily wheeled to the point of use and connected directly. There is no need to install air lines to transport the pressurised air, an expensive process that takes weeks to accomplish and disrupts the normal production cycles, costing the business precious time and money.”

The Nautilus produces compressed air at an incredible 300 psi. To achieve this pressure, commonly used piston compressors are not only larger, but operate at high noise levels, typically around 100dB(A), or the same as a motorcycle. Exposure to excessive levels of sound can cause workers to suffer from tinnitus and loss of hearing. It has even been shown to cause heart problems due to the stress caused by continuous loud noise.

Dmietriev continues: “Nautilus only produces noise levels of 65dB(A), around that of an air conditioner. It is safe enough to operate onsite without risking illegal damage to employee health, improving the work environment while maintaining optimum efficiency.

“The introduction of such small, mobile compressors into these industrial environments has never been successfully achieved before now. We are on the cusp of an industry-wide revolution in how we deliver compressed air.

“Innovation in the compressor industry has stalled for decades, and it was considered impossible to achieve the results we have seen with our new technology. We called our device Nautilus as a tribute to Captain Nemo’s greatest creation, an incredible machine that defied belief.”

Founded in 2013, Vert Rotors is based in Edinburgh, and has already attracted international attention. Three-quarters of Vert Rotors’ customers are based outside the UK and include Fortune 500 manufacturers in the European Union and the United States.

Olly Dmitriev is a technology entrepreneur and innovator with 15 years’ experience in software project management and a dual executive MBA degree from London Business Schools and Columbia University in New York.

He is a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the author of three patents and multiple papers relating to Vert’s compressor technology.