Rulmeca extend power range of compact 80LS asynchronous motorised drum

Rulmeca has increased the nominal output performance of its 80LS drum motors within an 81.5mm diameter roller, from a maximum of 120 watts to a maximum of 160 watts.

The 33% percent performance increase was achieved through the redesign of the stator. The shortest available width of the new drum motor is 300 mm. To optimally transfer the high power to the belt, the drum shell can be provided with a rubber coating with a maximum permissible thickness of 5mm.

“Our 80LS is the world’s first 80 diameter drum motor with an output power of 160 watts in asynchronous design,” says General Manager, Grahame Halligan of Rulmeca UK Unit Handling.”

Grahame Halligan continued, “Many system builders prefer the much more load-tolerant asynchronous drum motors.

This compact motorised drum with steel gearbox is reversible and perfect for high torque applications with limited space or access.

Because of its strength, reliability, low operational noise and zero maintenance requirements, this motorised pulley is perfect for small infeed conveyors with high-duty cycles. Applications are varied with functions in steel or plastic modular belt operations, packaging equipment, transfer conveyors in weighing or metal detectors, food processing equipment and pharmaceutical handling”

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