Moog’s New Test Controller for Automotive Test Labs Easily Balances Reliability, Value, and Features

Moog (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) – a designer and manufacturer of high-performance motion control products and solutions – has developed the Moog Test Controller, a new 1 – 32 channel, modular test controller, for automotive test lab managers, to improve the quality of test data, speed up test setups and decrease the time it takes labs to complete tests. Moog engineered its new Test Controller to satisfy lab managers’ desire for an easy-to-use product that delivers exceptional value with a wide set of features.

“Our new Moog Test Controller is a modular system for controlling simple and complex hydraulic and electric test systems that managers can use for simple component fatigue tests to highly integrated full-vehicle, road vibration tests,” said Craig Lukomski, solutions commercialization manager, Simulation and Test for Moog Inc.

As part of a recent survey administered by Moog, test lab managers identified the following needs for test controllers:

  • Ensure the safety of any test specimen;
  • Easy to fix or troubleshoot; and,
  • Quick set up for tests.

In response, Moog’s newly developed Test Controller offers lab and project managers phased control to all the channels in a test system, along with the functionality to save the setup parameters and test profiles for later use. Moog’s Test Controller provides advanced control loops for improved feedback control and on-the-fly, “bumpless” transfer from one control mode to another (e.g., force to position control). Moog also eliminated the need for an external program generator to manually change command signals during a test, ensuring quicker set up so the designated test can start faster. The Moog Test Controller’s built-in data acquisition for control-loop signals or connected transducers delivers lab managers real-time monitoring, too. With more digital data available via the Test Controller, lab managers can check the health of their test equipment and specimen throughout a test, which prevents downtime and unplanned maintenance.

“For two decades we’ve worked with aerospace and auto test labs,” said Lukomski. “Historically test labs purchased servo-controllers using analog electronics with PID control loops. These devices gave good control but were limited in the feature set to the available knobs. Now this latest solution offers our customers the performance and ease-of-use that will solve everyday test challenges.”

Using analog controllers with external command systems improves control and data. But the Moog Test Controller gives phased control to all channels in a system, which saves setup parameters and test profiles for later use. These increased control features including advanced control loops and sequenced tests, built-in data acquisition and saved settings make this upgrade useful to the user saving time and resources.