Re-mesh, Re-use, Refine Croft Filter’s refurbishing service

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 31 years who specialises in supplying customised filtration solutions across the World. The Company supplies a range of industry sectors that including: Chemical, Oil, Gas, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Food and Beverage, Waste Water Management and Aerospace.

Over Croft’s three decades within the filtration and separation industry, the Company has supplied many unique products designed and manufactured in-house for a variety of applications. As a result of this, Croft now has a reputation for delivering both a quality product and service. However, what is not commonly known is that Croft offers a refurbishment service of existing filters.

There are many reasons why Croft’s Customers decided to re-mesh and reuse their filter elements, whether it is to save on cost of a new element or whether they are happy with the design but require a fresh mesh. Some Customer’s have also been limited to the elements design flexibility within their operating systems therefore re-working a filtering element is not possible.

Case Study

For more than 10 years Croft have been re-meshing and refurbishing filters for a customer operating within the Chemical industry. A Stainless Steel 316 Leaf Filter is used to filter chemical products supplied worldwide. These 60” filters can filter to an absolute rating of 112-125 micron with a 24/110, Single Plain Dutch Weave mesh. A more open support mesh also sits beneath the filter mesh assisting with the flow through the filter leaf.

Croft has refurbished 100’s of these specific Leaf Filters for one Customer alone, other Customers have also benefitted from the service and continue to in order to make the most of their filtration frames.

Custom Manufacture 

If re-meshing is not an option, Croft can also manufacture custom filtration solutions in any shape or design, including basket strainers, duplex filters, vacuum filters, cone filters, cylinder filters and screen filters in perforated plate, wedge wire and woven wire mesh.

Quality of both product and service has been the key to Crofts success; the Company takes great pride in understanding their customer’s needs, quickly supplying them with a high quality product that exceeds Customer’s expectations.

For more information about Croft’s refurbishing service or other products available call Croft Filters:

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