Reich Coupling Solutions Keep Rail Rolling Stock On Track

The operating conditions encountered by drive couplings within the railway industry are often highly demanding. Confined engine spaces and frequent stops with the engines running can lead to high temperatures. In addition, diverse environmental factors, such as varying climatic conditions and a service life of more than one million kilometres, call for coupling solutions that are both highly reliable and durable.

Highly flexible couplings are essential integral components of modern diesel-powered rail drives. Couplings for the main drive are required to provide secure and ready availability of power and performance. Other couplings, such as those used for power take off applications, perform a wide range of functions including those relating to the electrical power supply, the hydraulic system, and service units providing specific additional functionality such as heaters, ventilators and air conditioners.

To obtain maximum performance and reliability under these often-arduous operating conditions, both the main drive and power take off couplings must be designed and optimised to match the needs and specific requirements of each application. Reich-Kupplungen, with their many years of experience and comprehensive product range, are renowned within the sector for developing superior technical solutions.

Reich couplings operate reliably every day across the most diverse applications including trams, railcars, locomotives, wagons, and track-laying equipment, and wherever they are, Reich coupling solutions continue to prove their value through their longevity.

Reich offer a range of coupling solutions, which are available in different sizes and rubber compounds for rail sector applications:

ARCUSAFLEX (AC) Highly flexible rubber disc coupling, also with taper bush: from 200 Nm to 110,000 Nm

ARCUSAFLEX- VSK Highly flexible intermediate coupling for cardan shaft mounting from: 390 Nm to 20,000 Nm

TOK    Highly flexible coupling for flexibly mounted engines from: 1500 Nm to 86,000 Nm

Multi Mont Sella (MMS) Torsionally flexible claw coupling from: 40 Nm to 1,000,000 Nm

RCT    Torsionally rigid flange coupling for pump drives from: 300 Nm to 5,000 Nm