The What’s New in Electronics Team

What’s New in Electronics (WNIE) announces UK debut of the IPC-CFX Showcase

What’s New in Electronics (WNIE) is delighted to announce in association with IPC and incorporating the Hermes Standard, the UK debut of the IPC-CFX Showcase during this year’s WNIE Live event, taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from 25-26 September 2018.

The IPC-CFX Initiative is a modern data & control method defined by an IPC Standard for digital communication across all factory machines, sensors, devices and software systems, enabling a smoother path towards Industry 4.0.

WNIE Live will take IPC-CFX further along the industry 4.0 route by demonstrating production integration/capability – LIVE during the show from 25-26 September 2018.

WNIE Live is the UK’s leading event covering the whole spectrum of the electronics industry. With dedicated conferences and exhibition opportunities for the Embedded and EMC industries, as well as electronics manufacturing, WNIE Live really is the one event of the year not to be missed by anyone involved in electronics.

The UK ElecTech sector is seen as one of the most vital, dynamic and wealth generating parts of the UK economy. The UK has always excelled in the tech sector, with more than 45,000 UK companies and 1,000,000 people employed by the UK’s ElecTech industry. ElecTech is key to the future of the UK economy.

In addition, The Hermes Standard for vendor-independent machine-to-machine communication in SMT assembly, a non-proprietary open protocol, based on TCP/IP- and XML will support the production line through the exchange of PCB related data between the different machine vendors.

In the UK debut of the IPC-CFX standard at the show, data will be gathered live from multiple machines and vendors across the entire show-floor, with machine vendors supplying data sources, made available to every show visitor via straightforward metrics and analytic reports delivered to their mobile devices.

We all know that exhibitions remain a vital part of bringing business to life, nothing beats the energy of a face-to-face meeting or the thrill of seeing technology at work. A live demonstration of IPC-CFX at WNIE Live will give participants a unique opportunity to highlight the many benefits of this ground-breaking Industry 4.0 technology whilst simultaneously showcasing their own products to UK industry.

WNIE is now seeking companies interested to participate in this exciting and progressive event. For more details of how can get involved, please contact [email protected] and for more information on the event please click here: