Considering a career change in 2019? These could be the industries for you

                                                                             CV-Library collates its research from 2018 to help you make your next career move

Hampshire, 17th December 2018 – With four in 10 (39.7%) Brits confessing that they’re unhappy in their current role, it’s not surprising that 72.8% of those have resolved to find a new job in the New Year. That’s according to recent data from CV-Library.

The UK’s leading independent job site has spent the last year researching key workplace trends, to discover what candidates want from their job search and career. Pooling data from over 5,000 professionals across the nation, the findings identify some interesting industry trends that could help you make your next career move wisely. 

So if you’re looking for more from your job, or you’re considering a career change altogether, CV-Library reveals the top 10 industries you should consider in 2019:

1. Accounting – If you’re looking for a great manager

With a staggering 91.3% of accounting professionals revealing that they get on with their manager, this is the industry for you if you want a boss you can get on board with.


2. Engineering – For a role that will always keep you smiling

Over half of engineers (55%) said they truly enjoy their current role, with 41.3% putting their happiness down to the great company culture. For a job that keeps you smiling, consider the engineering industry!


3. Marketing – If you like travelling for work

With over a third (34.8%) of marketers revealing that they travel for work and 62.5% of those saying they make a few trips each year, this is the ideal industry if you like to travel.


4. IT – If you’re looking for an impressive salary

If it’s a bigger pay packet you want, the IT sector could be for you. Throughout 2018, the industry has seen some of the highest salaries across the UK, with advertised pay averaging at £44,060 a year.


5. Design – If it’s flexible working you want

Over half (52.4%) of professionals in the design industry said they have the opportunity to work from home when they want to, more than any other sector. So if it’s flexible working you’re after, consider a career in design.


6. Hospitality – If you want a stress-free role

At a time when it’s vital that you look after your mental wellbeing, finding a job that’s not overly stressful plays a key part in this.  Almost half (47.3%) of hospitality workers revealed that they never feel stressed at work, making this one of the best industries to work in.


7. Education – If you want colleagues you can call your friends

A whopping 94.6% of education professionals said that they get on with their colleagues, making this the perfect industry if you’re looking to work with a friendly team.  


8. Construction – If you want a better work-life balance

More than three quarters (79.7%) of construction workers say they have a good work-life balance, more than any other industry! So if it’s balance you’re after, this could be the place for you.


9. Care – If you’re looking for job satisfaction  

Over half (58.1%) of care professionals say they’re truly satisfied in their role, with their colleagues and the company culture cited as some of the main reasons for this – this makes it the best industry for job satisfaction.


10. Charity – If you want to be part of a diverse workforce

The majority (91%) of charity professionals deem their workplace to be diverse, so if you’re looking to work with a great and varied team, this industry could be for you!


Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments: “If the New Year has you looking for a new job, consider your career priorities carefully before settling on a role. And despite what many think, it’s never too late to shake things up, so why not consider a career change in 2019? There are plenty of exciting opportunities available in some the UK’s key industries.”

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