To make C-Parts management more efficient for industrial customers, Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG developed a new system. The WIS platform (Würth Industrie Service) features a user-friendly interface combining all functions of a Kanban system with full transparency of all processes. Thanks to its multilingual layout, the system can be used at production sites in several countries.

Being a central system for all processes, functions, items and service solutions, the WIS platform of Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG does not only replace the former CPS®ONLINE solution, which has been in place for more than 15 years. The new platform also offers users a future-oriented solution to benefit from all advantages of both the traditional and the RFID Kanban system and apply data in an intelligent manner. This new system developed by Würth was successfully tested at industrial enterprises during several months and will be implemented at customers all over Europe. At the moment, the entire platform is available in English and German. The implementation of more languages is planned for the next development stages

Complete transparency in C-Parts management

Using the WIS platform, customers can access all logistics processes of the Kanban system at any time. Essential information such as filling status of bins, upcoming filling dates or the exact location of specific C-Parts in the course of production can be easily retrieved. Also order processes such as drop shipments via third-party suppliers are presented in a well-structured overview. A comprehensive track-and-trace function, entering relevant bin information automatically into the system, provides for full traceability: Where is the bin? When is it filled or delivered? What are the next steps? To clearly mark the bin’s status and location, the new platform uses an intelligent color concept. Thanks to a multi-level authorization system, the WIS platform shows exactly the information and functions that are relevant for the respective user. The system can also define ordering and invoicing procedures and/or production-related data management for the according target group.

Review and analysis

To determine optimization potential regarding demand and consumption of C-Parts, the WIS platform offers comprehensive analysis functions. The software collects all bin and item data and generates descriptive diagrams on respective consumption volumes. In addition, the user can quickly retrieve the stock turnover of items. Thus, industrial customers can keep an eye on possible fluctuations in demand at any time and can react to unexpected bottlenecks ahead of time; for instance bins can be shipped to where they are needed from other storage locations. Furthermore, Würth Industrie Service offers the possibility to install an alert function in the system: If stock drops below a critical quantity, the platform will send a warning message or, upon request, even submit an order. To do so, it uses state-of-the-art RFID-Kanban systems. Transmitting data by radio frequency, the iSHELF®, an intelligent shelf, communicates the demand as soon as an empty bin is placed on the shelf. The WIS platform provides all information on all end devices. This ensures maximum supply security in the field of C-Parts.

User-friendly on all end devices

Despite its comprehensive functionality, platform users do not have to give up comfort. A clearly structured interface allowing for intuitive operation allows for easy use of the WIS platform. Thanks to its modern web design, the online platform is furthermore optimized for all end devices. Its attractive layout complements the features of the WIS platform.

Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG

Würth Industrie Service specialises in supplying the manufacturing industry in the field of automated C-Parts management within the Würth Group.

Under the brand “CPS® – C-Parts Solutions”, Würth Industrie Service provides industrial manufacturing customers with customised, logistical procurement and supply concepts, such as scanner-supported rack systems, automated electronic ordering systems or just-in-time supply using Kanban bin systems. In this way customers benefit from direct deliveries to their production lines. Kanban systems have recently added patented bin and RFID technology to our innovative logistics solutions.

A specialised range of more than 1,100,000 items forms the basis of our professional and industrial C-Parts handling: besides DIN and standard parts, the product range also includes connection and fastening elements, as well as special parts and parts designed as per drawings according to customer requirements, operating supplies (MRO) and much more.