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EBE Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of Venturi orifice steam traps, has launched ECOFLOW, a market-leading steam trap that incorporates the flange into the main casting.

The new trap’s body comprises of a modular design to incorporate low and high flow in the same housing. This new design extends the trap’s performance over variable condensate loads.

Welding has been eliminated, resulting in a totally homogenous design that makes the trap physically stronger and safer. It also simplifies certification; thereby speeding up production and ensuring consistently high quality.

“We are now able to assemble and supply multiple units very easily,” said Nigel Egginton, Managing Director of EBE Engineering. “The enhanced scalability offered by the new design, gives us far more scope to offer volume discounts to our customers”.

Prior to launching ECOFLOW, EBE Engineering re-evaluated every aspect of the Venturi trap design. Then, working closely with a ferrous foundry, it developed and refined the casting geometry using 3D modelling and casting simulation software. A 3D printed prototype was then produced prior to full Stainless Steel production samples being commissioned.

“We have converted a complex fabrication into our castings which has resulted in a truly unique solution that delivers exceptional performance to our customers as well as providing EBE with a commercial, competitive advantage”, concluded Nigel Egginton.

The ECOFLOW new flanged and threaded connections are specifically designed and manufactured to meet European market requirements allowing EBE Engineering to maintain its leading position.

Recent growth has also seen expansion into a new UK Office, the founding of a wholly owned limited company in Germany and a completely new website.

Because the ECOFLOW Venturi Orifice design has no moving parts to breakdown or wear out, it provides a lifespan that is the same as the pipework of the plant and considerably longer than mechanical traps. It offers the ultimate in reliability, requiring no spares or monitoring equipment.

The ECOFLOW Venturi steam traps work by using the difference in density between steam and condensate.

Steam is 1000 times less dense than condensate, so at the entrance of the trap’s orifice, the low-density steam is literally squeezed out of the condensate.

The high density, slow moving condensate is then preferentially discharged through the orifice, trapping the low-density steam behind it.

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