New Video Pyrometer CSvideo 3M from Optris

For optimal alignment and focus

Temperature measurements with pyrometers have the enormous advantage that no contact with the measured object is necessary. This also poses a challenge at the same time:
The pyrometer must be perfectly aligned with the measured object and, if necessary, the optics must be focused. This challenged can be met optimally with the new Video Pyrometer CSvideo 3M from Optris.
In addition to a cross-shaped sighting laser, the pyrometer has an integrated video camera. This allows the measuring field to be targeted very precisely, even if the measured object is in an area that is difficult to access.

Settings can be made on the PC or on a mobile phone

The CSvideo 3M is connected to a USB interface on the laptop or PC using an adapter cable. The Compact Connect software installed there shows the video image of the integrated camera in addition to the temperature-time diagram.
Using the rotary knob on the back, the optics can then be focused very easily and optimally aligned with the measured object. All other settings can also be made in the software.
For example, the emission coefficient can be adapted and the output signal can be scaled. The software displays the current measured values graphically and saves them for documentation or subsequent analysis.

The pyrometer can alternatively also be configured via an Android mobile phone. All you have to do is use the free IRmobile app, which has a similar range of functions as the Windows software.
The required IR App Connector is a connection cable between the pyrometer and smartphone, which not only allows data to be transferred, but also allows the power for the pyrometer to be supplied by the smartphone.

Measurements of metal surfaces from 50 °C

The CSvideo 3M is ideally suited for measurement of metals or composite materials even at low temperatures. There are two variants available with measuring ranges from 50 to 400 °C or 100 to 600 °C. In addition to an analog output, there is also an alarm output available, the function of which can be conveniently set using the software. A built-in trigger function allows the recording of time- or temperature-dependent
snapshots with which various documentation or quality assurance tasks can be implemented.