6 Things to Look for in an Acoustic Imaging Camera

Compressed air leaks, vacuum system leaks, and electrical partial discharge are all expensive system issues that waste power, causing companies to deal with unforeseen costs and potential production and uptime problems. Ultrasound imaging with an acoustic camera, such as the FLIR Si124, is an effective and efficient way to detect and see them. Learn about the six essentials that can help you with your final purchasing decision of an acoustic imaging camera:

  1. Effective Frequency Range – the answer may surprise you.
  2. The Optimal Number of Microphones – in the pursuit of quieter noises, more is better.
  3. Sound Detection Range – the right number of microphones helps detect quiet noises from long distances.
  4. Microphone Placement – the best grouping impacts how the camera determines the location of sounds.
  5. Microphone Performance – 124 microphones and advanced processing make the FLIR Si124 the industry leader.
  6. Intelligent Analytics – on-camera analytics, easy-to-understand reporting, and predictive analysis are ideal.

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