Bürklin Elektronik offers premium miniature fan units from Fischer Elektronik

Small fan units are essential to cool electronic components with increasing power densities and simultaneous component size reduction

Oberhaching, 09th September 2021 – Leading international distributor Bürklin Elektronik offers a premier range of miniature fan units to meet the increasing demands of small, high-performance electronic components. The LAM K series from Fischer Elektronik comprises miniature fan units to dissipate large amounts of heat in small spaces.

Electronic assemblies are becoming increasingly compact. Combined with high performance components and high heat generation this can lead to considerable power losses, malfunctions, or even component destruction, without efficient thermal management. Miniature fan units, each with a fan motor, are available in 30×30, 40×40 and 50x50mm dimensions, each equipped with a double ball bearing system adapted to industrial requirements. They are extremely effective for cooling large power losses in small installation spaces.

For larger circuit board dimensions or higher power dissipation, miniature fan coil units are also available in 60.5×30, 80.8×40, and 100.5x50mm dimensions as a double version. The basic structure of these tube profiles consists of a circumferential rectangular base frame with a material thickness of 2.5 to 4.5mm. The respective outer surfaces of the frame with an opposing ribbed structure also serve as semiconductor mounting surfaces with a flatness of 0.1mm. This means they do not have to be additionally face-milled.

The Axial fan motors can be mounted quickly and easily in mounting holes integrated into the profile using screw mounting. A relatively high airflow rate at high dynamic pressure also ensures air transport over longer cooling distances or unit lengths. The technical quality parameter MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), measured at an ambient temperature of 20°C, is up to 280,000 hours.

The fan motors offer voltages between 5V, 12V and 24V, according to the application. They can also be equipped with an additional pulse output to control an alarm generator circuit when the fan is selected or to monitor the rotor speed. The fan units can be installed directly on the printed circuit board and consist of a tubular aluminium profile with a special internal heat exchange structure.

Fan units can be mounted directly on the components concerned. The miniature fan units of the LAM K series offer two different mounting options for component attachment in conjunction with the matching spring geometry. The semiconductor assembly of the electronic components on the LAM K series can be carried out using several different methods, including classic screw mounting or with the aid of snap-in transistor retaining springs. The retaining springs, adapted for the designs of the LAM K series, can be quickly and easily snapped into the groove geometry of the base profile provided for component fastening.  The contact force achieved by the retaining springs provides an optimal thermal transition from the component to the cooling unit.

Irrespective of the chosen mounting method, the snap-in transistor retaining spring holds firmly in position. The high contact pressure achieved by the retaining spring fixes the transistor optimally on the mounting surface so that there is excellent heat transfer resistance between the component and the cooling element.

The Fischer Elektronik LAM K Series is available to order now from Bürklin Elektronik. Customers can rapidly locate and order through the search function at www.buerklin.com. Comprehensive product datasheets are also available online, with certifications and approvals available on request.


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