Mclennan and MOONS’ sign partnership for hybrid stepper motor distribution

MOONS’, the Shanghai stock exchange listed designer and manufacturer of high-performance motion control components has production, research and sales facilities that extend internationally. For Mclennan, a long-established distribution partnership with Applied Motion Products (AMP) – a MOONS’ USA subsidiary – brings stepper and servo drives and controls that perfectly complement its motion system design and integration capability. Now, widening its ties with MOONS’, Mclennan has signed a UK and Ireland distribution agreement directly with the parent company for the sale and support of MOONS’ extensive range of hybrid stepper motors.

MOONS’ position as a global Top 3 hybrid stepper motor manufacturer is demonstrated by its annual shipment rate of over 10 million motors and a strong reputation for creative solutions and high-quality products. Economies of scale in advanced automated production maintain highly competitive pricing whilst flexible manufacturing systems allow economic customisation for complete application matching.

The extensive range covers frame sizes from NEMA 8 through NEMA 42, available in a wide choice of stack lengths with 2 or 3 phase unipolar and bipolar windings. These precision quality 200 and 400 step/rev motors offer innumerable advantages in throughput and performance for OEMs and end users alike. MOONS’ design refinements include standard high-fill motor windings for increased torque over competitive size-for-size motors as well as low inertia rotors for higher acceleration. Other advantageous features include increased efficiency models for lower power consumption, motors with low loss stators for higher speed performance and low detent torque motors for reduced resonance and quieter operation.

With its own design and production capability, Mclennan works closely with its distribution partners and customers to bring motion control and automation solutions that, as part of the enabling technology of a machine or process, bring distinct benefits in performance whilst competitively maintaining high quality and reliability. Mclennan’s engineers can assist with motor sizing, drive technology, and motion controls for MOONS’ complete range of hybrid stepper motors. For further information please visit, email [email protected], or call +44 (0) 1252 531444.