SuperCORR A corrosion protection spray for unpainted metal in highly corrosive environments.

These are photographs of 3 unpainted copper components that were exposed for a month next to the “digester” at a Pulp and Paper Mill.

The part marked #1 was the control and not sprayed with SuperCORR A corrosion protection spray.  

Half of part marked #2 was sprayed with SuperCORR A and half left uncoated.

Component #3 was completely treated with SuperCORR A.

The main atmospheric corrosion was from hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas, produced during the cellulose digestion process, which combines with the atmospheric humidity to form a mild acid. Any unpainted or untreated metal surface, copper, brass, mild steel or alloys of zinc and manganese or magnesium will be corroded by this acid when it condenses on the metal surfaces.

This is especially important in electrical motors and power control systems where these metals are used as conductors or switch contacts on printed circuit tracks and all types of connectors which although sealed in control panels will be exposed whenever the boxes are opened or contactors operated and connectors plugged and unplugged.  In most cases it is not possible to paint these conductive surfaces or apply other forms of protection without loss of conductivity leading to arcing or supply failures.

These tests demonstrate the amazing properties of SuperCORR A to protect unpainted surfaces from acidic corrosion. As an example, copper and aluminium condensers on water coolers usually last about a month in the acidic environment of pulp production facilities because the corrosive atmosphere around the plant corrodes the metal surfaces on fins and connections.

A trial was set up by the works engineering department at the plant who sprayed a new condenser with an aerosol of SuperCORR A. This applies a very thin protective film of a proprietary formulation containing extremely long-lasting anticorrosion inhibitors, which also give superior lubrication coefficients and protect components against moisture.  This unique, water displacing lubricant, with synthetic corrosion prevention compounds is tested and proven non-flammable and environmentally friendly without sulphates, chlorides, or other halogens

After a few months the treated condenser showed so little signs of corrosion that further controlled trials were set up to test for long term protection of untreated metal in this extremely corrosive environment experienced in paper and pulp mills, water processing plants and oil drilling rigs.

Full test results below

The improvement is clear and demonstrates the savings in costs of parts and labour for maintenance and replacement untreated metal components exposed to these corrosive conditions.


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