ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched its HandyPlasma 35i and HandyPlasma 45i manual plasma machines, which feature an advanced LCD interface that simplifies set-up and operation for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. Users make all adjustments with one knob, viewing process information on a 71 mm LCD panel. Both units weigh 13.5 kg, use 220VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz 1ph main power and with come with a 60-amp torch and 4.5 m cable.

HandyPlasma 35i delivers a 35-amp output at 35 percent duty cycle and has a recommended cut and pierce capacity of 6 mm and a maximum sever of 12 mm on mild steel. The more powerful HandyPlasma 45i has a 45-amp output at 35 percent duty cycle and has a recommended cut and pierce capacity of 10 mm and a maximum sever of 16 mm on mild steel.

ESAB optimised HandyPlasma for applications that include autobody repair and restoration, mobile fabrication, light construction, plumbing and HVAC, metal/building/roofing, maintenance/repair, agricultural and ornamental work.

“HandyPlasma offers a unique combination of simplicity, cutting power and lightweight portability,” says Kris Scherm, Global Manual Plasma Business & Product Director, ESAB. “They deliver a precise cut, make it easy to follow templates, create almost no distortion and can cut through painted, dirty or rusty material with ease.”

Easy to Use                       

HandyPlasma offers two cutting modes, one for solid plate and one for expanded metal such as grates and fences. Operators use the push-button control knob to select and adjust variables, which are shown on the LCD. HandyPlasma automatically controls air flow to the torch, so there is no need to adjust pressure (minimum air requirements are 7.3 Bar and 110 l/min). An easily accessible and replaceable external air filter helps remove the excess moisture and contaminants commonly found in compressed air lines. Also, an automatic system purges the gas after cutting, increasing the useful life of the consumables.

HandyPlasma also offer two trigger control modes, 2T or 4T. The 2T mode provides standard On/Off trigger control, while 4T locks the trigger to On for extended cuts to facilitate tracing circles with the optional circle cutting attachment. HandyPlasma power sources have a two-year warranty, and the torch has a three-month guarantee.

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