“Every time you touch something it costs you money”

The labour market continues to be challenging with new pressures that hinder efficient and sustainable production. We offer unique services to help the short-term pathways for greater productivity with existing staffing, and cost justifiable automation with shortest return on investment.

The challenges and opportunities

  • When did you last consider automation of your processes?
  • Are you up to speed on market innovations, harnessing technology and people?
  • Do your current processes involve specific manual action or series of actions?
  • Have you considered using automation for each and every task carry out by people?
  • Are your processes seamless? If not, why not?
  • Do you operate a ‘pull’ method of production?
  • Have you applied agile and lean production principle?
  • Do you require training at management level to embrace best practice, or technology, or management of change for greater efficacy?
  • Double handling is a financial killer. Eliminate it.
  • Do you have a skilled workforce challenge?
  • Are you looking to improve and advance the profile of your workforce?
  • Are the skills needed available in the UK marketplace?
  • Could you use input from experienced experts with proven track record, improving operations performance, scope your automation possibilities and plan procurement of proven robotics and automation technologies?

What we can help with?

  • Improving current manual practices.
  • Implementing immediate change(s) that increases productivity.
  • Design of production lines for efficient flow, avoiding double handling.
  • Scoping proven automation to combine with best practice for ‘lean’ and ‘agile’ operation.
  • Management of projects for procurement of automation, including legal contracting for a smooth installation process.
  • Supply of proven low-cost robotics as may be appropriate and investment justified.
  • Development of automated solutions on exclusive basis.
  • Improving labour planning through use of existing government legislation.
  • Assisting with funding solution as applicable, including grant finance for new automation.

How we would help and engage with your team?

  • A free initial 60-minute remote meeting.
  • Day visit to scope opportunities for improvements (this will be on a confidential and fee basis).
  • Initial assessment and immediate presentation with first recommendations, to be elaborated and submitted after the visit.
  • Report to be submitted within 5 days of the visit.

Who is in our team?

How to contact us:

Website: https://www.skillsprovision.co.uk/contact-us

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0) 1373836776

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