Buy or Lease? Automated Storage and Retrieval specialists Kardex Remstar offers a leasing option for its Vertical Carousel storage systems

Market leader Kardex Remstar are now offering new and existing customers the opportunity to lease a fully automated Vertical carousel.

Cost savings are being scrutinised across the country and leasing offers many savings. Whether you’re an established manufacturer or just starting out in the industry the decision to lease or buy equipment for your business is a financial consideration. 

In the short-term, leasing conserves cash due to initial lower upfront costs in comparison to purchasing. Lease payments are often tax deductible as an operational expense (Gov.UK), plus monthly payments allow for easier management in the upcoming years.

If you need to expand production, expand your product portfolio, or have a growing business then Kardex offers this option, which negates the need to increase capital expenditure.

Kardex vertical carousel models save up to 90% of floor space compared to standard shelving and pallet racking and comes with software that integrates with customer back-office systems. Automated storage optimises productivity and deliver faster picking.

Vertical carousels have been around for many years and for a good reason.  They work in line with the goods-to-person principle, using simple vertical rotation that brings stored inventory to an operator. Vertical Carousels are perfectly suited for goods with a high picking frequency and for similarly sized inventory. Carousels can be modular and scalable meaning you as a company can start with basic functionalities and expand them afterwards.

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