Pre-configured Units Make Gas Analyzer Selection Simple

Crowborough, UK, July 2023: Servomex has made the process of selecting complex gas analyzers simpler by introducing a number of preconfigured variants designed to remove the complexity of ordering and delivery.

With the successful rollout of the first products using the variants – SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900, SERVOPRO MonoExact DF150/DF310E and SERVOFLEX MiniMP 5200, Servomex is looking to extend this initiative across its entire product range.

Based on years of industry expertise, Servomex engineers have defined a number of core analyzer specifications that cover the majority of customer application requirements, and at the same time implemented new processes to streamline and reduce order complexity.

Global customers, based in a variety of industries ranging from chemicals to food packaging, rely on these three industry-leading products to deliver cleaner, safer and more sustainable process efficiency. 


  • The Oxy 1900 offers industry-standard features alongside revolutionary options. The oxygen (O2) gas analyzer sets new standards of flexibility, stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit.
  • The MonoExact DF150E and DF310E, designed for industrial gas applications, provide accurate trace-level measurements of oxygen and moisture with advanced digital communications and an icon-driven guided user interface.
  • The MiniMP 5200 offers high-performance oxygen and carbon dioxide analysis and is the only truly portable battery-powered gas analyzer with MCERTS and TUV certification


Martin Cox, Commercial & Engineering Director Servomex, said: “We are experts in gas analysis, and we’re now using that expertise to make it easier to order our products. This is part of our commitment to ongoing developments that make our customers’ lives a little easier.”


For more information about these products contact Servomex’s dedicated sales team.