HALF PRICE: Two Ex-Demo AFX17s Up For Grabs

All in one HSI solution for UAVs

We are excited to be able to offer *TWO* ex-demo Specim AFX17 airborne spectral imaging cameras at a 50% discount. The AFX series is a hyperspectral solution based on the successful FX Series.

The Specim AFX17 is a powerful tool for remote sensing and analysis, allowing for accurate and detailed insights into the spectral properties of a scene. It is widely used in remote sensing applications such as environmental and agricultural monitoring, vegetation analysis, mining and mineral exploration, and surveillance and security.


Specim AFX17 is a NIR hyperspectral imaging solution with an HSI camera, a small and powerful computer and a high-end GNSS/IMU unit in one compact enclosure. It is a state-of-the-art solution weighing only 2.5kg that can be used on multiple drone types – multirotor or fixed-wing, with or without a gimbal. Data is acquired automatically following the waypoints on a flight plan, making the Specim AFX17 easy to operate.

  • All in one HSI solution for UAVs
  • Spectral range NIR from 900 to 1700 nm
  • Supports gimballed or gimballess mounting
  • Multiple spectral ROI enables both hyperspectral and application-specific multispectral configurations
  • Fore lens aberrations are fully characterized
  • Significantly less smile and keystone
  • Ability to collect more light
  • Full real-time and post-mission position and orientation solution for direct georeferencing