HRS Heat Exchangers expands in Turkish Waste Water Treatment.

HRS Heat Exchangers, has provided WABAG with a customised thermal transfer solution to assist in a sewage treatment application in Siverek Turkey.

WABAG is one of the world’s leading suppliers and installers of Water and Wastewater treatment plants. The Siverek Plant provides sewage treatment to residents throughout Siverek a South Eastern Municipality of Turkey.


At the Siverek plant sewage sludge is treated in an anaerobic digester to breakdown the biodegradable material and produce methane gas. Once captured, the gas is used to power the plant, significantly reducing overall operational energy costs and improving site efficiencies. Furthermore, any additional supply of this renewable, green power can be fed into the local Grid providing wider benefit to the local community and the environment.

HRS DTI heat exchangers are ideal for heating sludge in anaerobic digesters as the corrugated tubes provide an internal tube profile that inhibits fouling tendencies and increases the rate of heat transfer. Fouling or snagging of waste particles is prevented by having no change in cross-sectional area along the length of the heat exchanger and the increased turbulence from the corrugation improves heat transfer efficiency. This increased efficiency results in a shorter length to meet the required thermal duty offering a more compact and effective design with a smaller footprint.

The DTI heat exchangers installed by WABAG are used for digester heating, the two DTI units are mounted on one common stainless steel clad frame, and furthermore each heat exchanger is thermally insulated.

Ersin Sağır Senior Mechanical Engineer at WABAG commented, “WABAG are committed to investigating ways of increasing the efficiency of our installations and effectively reducing the Carbon Footprint of our customers. The new heat exchangers from HRS will help towards ensuring we optimise the Siverek plant efficiency“

“HRS has wide experience and expertise in areas of anaerobic digesters and the effective generation of renewable energy from waste. Our corrugated double tube heat exchangers are ideal for this application and offer proven treatment of waste streams with high thermal efficiency which increases plant profitability.

We are delighted to be chosen by WABAG and to work with them in this increasingly important area of waste management. As with all of our solutions, this system is specifically engineered to address their requirements and deliver maximum optimisation of their plant processes,” said Ming Lam, Process Design Engineer, HRS Heat Exchangers.

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