New compact & dynamic small servo system Panasonic servo catalogue hot off the press

Servo technology is continuously evolving and Panasonic have raised the bar with their MINAS range which is presented in a new 16 page catalogue.  MINAS servo motors and drives are available for powers up to 1.5kW suiting 230V 1-phase supply.  The drives offers upgraded control functionality and communications, whilst the motors give a 20% increase in speed range with high precision encoder feedback.


The high dynamic performance of the MINAS servo system is achieved by a response frequency in the drives of 2 kHz plus real-time auto-tuning,  Safe Torque Off is offered to the standard PL-d.  There are options for EtherCAT communications that allow creation of simple and low-cost networks. Also available are models for analogue and pulse/direction input.  A positioner variant can store up to 60 moves that can be incremental or absolute.  Upgraded Panaterm software for parameter setting, monitoring, diagnostics and fine tuning is available free of charge


Also new are the MINAS servo motors which come in five sizes from 50W to 1.5kW. From 200W upwards they can be fitted with planetary gearheads. With low inertias, these motors can deliver 300% rated torque at speeds of up to 6000 r/min. To increase positional accuracy the motors now have an incremental encoder with a remarkable 1.04 million pulses per revolution. The compact motor design comes with protection to IP67.



Panasonic MINAS servo motors and drives are available in the UK through Techdrives.  The new 16 page catalogue includes all the options such as motion controllers, filters and cables. It can be dowloaded from the website or paper copies supplied on request.