Fast & Secure Lockout/Tagout implementation with Brady’s 3IN1 Solution

Brady’s extensive Lockout/Tagout support offer enables a fast and secure implementation of lockout/tagout procedures, including machine-specific procedure writing, communication support, training and Lockout/Tagout hardware, spearheaded by our critically acclaimed LINK360™ software for procedure approval and roll-out!

Supporting industries to reduce workplace accidents, Brady has one of the most complete Lockout/Tagout offers on the market. Next to an extensive catalogue of padlocks, keys and lockout devices, Brady also offers great support, enabling customers to implement Lockout/Tagout programmes in a fast and secure way. In short, with Brady, you can implement a Lockout/Tagout procedure with all of the benefits, and none of the hassle.

3IN1 Solution  – None of the hassle, all of the benefits –

The main challenge to implement Lockout/Tagout is a heavy load in preparation. Energy points need to be identified, airtight procedures need to be written, approved, managed and communicated, and employees need training.

Brady Safety Services solve all of these challenges in a collaborative customer support offer. Brady simply takes away all of the hurdles in a concise, 3IN1 offer:

LINK360™ Cloud based software

  • Procedure approval, roll-out and communication
  • Easy upload of machine pictures
  • Prints visually instructive procedures

 Personalised consultation services

  • Energy point survey
  • Airtight LOTO Procedure writing
  • Modular Lockout/Tagout Training Video

LOTO Solutions for hazardous energy control:

  • Padlocks, Keys & Lockboxes
  • Energy point lockout devices
  • Lockout/Tagout workfloor distribution stations

Are you ready to take your LOTO programme to the next level? Get 1 month FREE access to our cloud based LINK360 software now!

To promote our 3-in-1 Lockout/Tagout Solution, we want to give you one month access to the critically acclaimed LINK360 Safety Software, with all of its features. LINK360 is a great tool to create, edit, approve, scale and communicate safety procedures across sites and countries. LINK360 already won the Innovation Award 2014 at Preventica Tradeshow  in Nantes, don’t miss out!

Watch the video & Claim your 30 days free trial!

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