Investment in New X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Reinforces TR Fastenings’ Commitment to Ensuring Compliance & Customer Confidence

As a leading global manufacturer and distributor of industrial components, TR Fastenings is seriously committed to ensuring all its products comply with the necessary substance-based legislation, such as RoHS 2 and REACH.

These European directives restrict the amounts of hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, cadmium and other hazardous elements in products, where content needs to be less than 1,000 ppm (or 100 ppm for cadmium).

Since 2004, a year ahead of the introduction of Restriction of Hazardous Substances legislation, only RoHS compliant products have been stocked by TR Fastenings. In 2012 TR set up its own in-house RoHS compliance testing facility, testing in excess of 80,000 different part numbers each year, to give its customers the confidence of meeting their own due diligence and due care requirements. Now TR Fastenings has gone one step further by investing in a new  X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer which analyses the chemical make-up of materials and products, and checks they are compliant with legislation.

TR selected the Genius 3000 from Optech Solutions which is configured with RoHS and Alloys softwares.  A high-performance handheld XRF analyser, it incorporates the best silicon drift detectors on the market; providing the level of accuracy, precision and speed required for such complex analysis. The Genius has a lower limit of detection and can detect Mg through to U.

“We’re delighted with the XRF Spectrometer,” commented Jenni Morland, TR’s European Health, Safety and Environmental Manager.  “This innovative way of testing our products will ensure that we remain compliant and give our customers confidence.”