TR retains level 2 JOSCAR status

Accreditation register is used by buyers in the defence, aerospace and security sectors

TR Fastenings has retained level 2 status in the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR), a database of firms that have undergone accreditation to prove they have the systems in place to supply to the aerospace, defence and security industry.
The JOSCAR system was established to aid aerospace, defence and security firms to select partners and suppliers as prime contractors across their varying requirements. Vendors are assessed on a number of issues such as business continuity, counterfeiting, IT security, supply chain procedures and modern slavery.

Having the accreditation register in place ensures that potential vendors are assessed for risk, compliance and quality of materials and services. Buyers have access to a single source of accurate, comprehensive and quality data relating to these factors, so they can make informed decisions quickly and assuredly.
Kevin de Stadler, Director of Sales, UK and Ireland at TR Fastenings, comments:
“We strive for the highest levels of quality in every sector that we operate in, and we understand that for the aerospace, defence, and security sectors there is an additional need to assess their suppliers against key criteria due to the high-risk nature of the work these firms carry out.
“Being part of the JOSCAR initiative is hugely important to us and shows our customers in these industries that we take our commitment to quality and standards very seriously, and we are very proud to have retained level 2 accreditation.”

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