SDChain Alliance Partners with Robustel and TPP at SDChain German Community Conference 2018 held in Berlin

SDChain Alliance, the world’s first public Blockchain based on international standard truly adopted to ensure the reliability of the Internet of Things (IoT), recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Guangzhou Robustel Co Ltd – a leading Industrial IoT/M2M Hardware and Solutions Provider. The MoU was signed on May 16, 2018 during the SDChain German Community Conference 2018 held at Berlin.

SDChain Alliance makes full use of blockchain for IoT applications. SDChain envisions that IoT data from the physical world should be sharable via a fast and cost-effective digital blockchain network where data producers and data users conduct digital asset exchange, within an open partnership ecosystem, based on globally standardized IoT six-domain model – User Domain, Application & Service Domain, Resource Exchange Domain, Operation Management Domain, Sensing & Actuating Domain, and Physical Entity Domain.

The Internet of Things has unlimited growth potential

The full realization of IoT’s potential depends largely on interoperability among IoT systems. According to a McKinsey study, by 2025 the number of devices connected to the Internet will reach 25 billion, and the output value will reach USD 6 trillion, with the associated economy going up to USD 36 trillion. Research and Advisory firm ISG also believes that the benefits of IoT are undeniable. It can bring much of the physical world – from industrial assets to commonplace devices to people – into a connected ecosystem, resulting in better business outcomes.

Viewed against this background the emergence of the SDChain Alliance assumes greater significance. “The distributed network architecture of blockchain technology provides a mechanism to maintain consensus among IoT devices, without the need for verification with the center to address security threats and protect user privacy. Blockchain technology can provide point-to-point direct interconnection for data transfer, greatly reducing the cost of computing and storage.”said by Dr. Shen, chief scientist of SDChain.

Shen Jie, Chief Scientist of Six Domains Chain, Editor-in-Chief of ISO/IEC Internet of Things Reference Architecture, (China) Head of the Overall Group of the National IoT Foundation Standards Working Group

Commenting on the MoU, Mr David Pan, CEO of SDChain Alliance, observed that, “SDChain Alliance is proud to be strategically aligned with Robustel, which possesses strong technical strength and rich market experience. Through leveraging the value of the blockchain, we will explore the potential of innovative applications with IoT and blockchain technologies together.”

The SDChain Community is based on three tiers:

SD Enterprise Community – Comprises members across various verticals like Intelligent Agriculture, Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Healthcare, and Intelligent Traffic, along with promotion to individual users.
SD Developer Community – Several Technology Developer Groups have been formed for application-led establishment of the technological ecosystem. Main Chain will be online before August 2018.
SDA Community – The activities of the Community are propagated through multiple channels like a website, news and blogs, presence on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and popular messaging services like WeChat, BeeChat, Telegram, among others.

At the German Community Conference 2018, SDChain also signed a MoU with Trusted Property Protocol (TPP) – a new property ecosystem built on the immutable blockchain, a decentralized market using crypto currency and smart contract in a smart economy. TPP pioneered disruptive innovation of applying blockchain and smart contract in real estate transactions. Their work is based on years of experience in blockchain and real estate industry.

An interesting presentation at the SDChain German Community Conference 2018 was made by ARES Tech, a company rapidly growing into a scalable blockchain social gaming network, providing developers with all-in-one solution, starting ARES Arena, a casual gaming platform, engaging social competition on Blockchain.

The SDChain German Community Conference 2018 ended with Signing Ceremony announcing the formal launch of the SDChain German Community for Germany as well as German speaking countries, together with the community management team: Yi Huang (Chairman), Tobias Ellermann (Stuttgart), Teng Qiu (Berlin), Ruslan Ismailov (Zurich), Qiuhai Guo (Munich).