Video of the Week – How to change a drylin W bearing liner in less than 30 seconds

With the recent introduction of the drylin W Exchange, maintenance engineers can now replace the bearing liner on their drylin W linear system within 30 seconds.

As you can see in this week’s video, the new liner can be replaced directly on the rail quickly and easily without dismantling the system. A practical assembly tool is used to push the old liner out of the housing, clip the new one onto the shaft and push it into the housing for a flush fit.

The replacement liner is made of the highly wear- and abrasion-resistant iglidur J200 tribopolymer material. The new drylin W Exchange bearing housing can be retrofitted to all existing drylin W systems of size 10 with a shaft, including guides, linear axes, and linear robots. Additional sizes are currently in planning.

To watch the video, which shows just how easy it is to change the liner, please visit:
For more information about the new liner, please visit: or call igus directly on: 01604 677240.