Instrumentation for plant and process engineering environments

Today’s plant and process engineering facilities contain many critical environments where building services play an important role in the safety and wellbeing of staff and visitors. Even the best-designed and built facility will need initial commissioning and constant monitoring to ensure peak performance throughout its lifecycle.  Accurate, fit-for-purpose fixed and portable measurement instruments are required in many areas of a facility, from plant rooms to production lines, spray booths and clean rooms, to ensure that all areas are functioning correctly.

BSRIA Instrument Sales Manager Dan Higgins says ‘data from measurement instrumentation is vitally important in modern plant and process engineering facilities, but the data can only be reliable if the instrumentation is fit-for-purpose.  Working closely but independently with a wide range of OEMs and equipment suppliers means we can provide solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs. We recognise our clients need for a rapid service and have equipment available for hire and sale direct from stock or with short lead times.

In areas where potentially hazardous materials are processed it is imperative there can be no environmental emissions of pollutants or exposure of personnel to these.  Providing this effectively in terms of equipment ease of use and efficiently both in terms of the cost of instruments and the cost of staff presents challenges to staff across many departments, including production management, facilities management and environments health & safety management.  In a clean room facility, for example, staff need to monitor the pressure between rooms to stop the spread of contaminants and pollutants either to or from the room, the temperature within the room, supply or extract ventilation rates, the quality of the air in terms of particulate concentration, as well as the flow-rates of any process gasses. Where, all these parameters can be measured with fixed/ built-in devices or portable / hand held instruments from manufacturers such as Testo, TSI and Kimo”.

When buying, or hiring, instruments the engineer now has a global choice as to which product will meet today’s challenging testing environments.  Calibration of this instrumentation is, and always will be, of paramount importance to users, but keeping up-to-date of what is available especially in changes of technology and the scope of instrumentation available must also be considered during the selection process.  Tests that often took hours to conduct can now be undertaken easier, faster, and more accurately than those conducted years ago.

With such a wide range of instruments available to today’s plant and process engineer they need to look beyond any procurement source that is tied to an individual manufacturer to obtain the best pieces of instrumentation within the marketplace.   Equally staff at the suppliers must understand the finer points of the instruments they are offering including calibrations at the ranges to be used.  BSRIA Instrument Solutions is a leading supplier of specialist test and measurement instruments since 1990 and is able to assist engineers from all industries in selecting instruments that meet and exceed their expectations. It has built its reputation by providing the most reliable and advanced test equipment from leading manufacturers supporting it with a high level of customer service they can offer a choice of test equipment solutions with products from over 20 of the leading instrument manufacturers.

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