The Benefits of Automated Tensile/Compression and Torque Testing

From its headquarters in West Sussex, Mecmesin has been designing and manufacturing force, materials and torque measuring solutions for over 40 years. The company’s flexible testing systems are used in R&D centres, quality control laboratories and manufacturing facilities across the globe.

In addition to standard products Mecmesin designs and manufactures bespoke semi-automated and fully automated test systems.  Designed to eliminate operator error, improve test consistency and reduce costs in time and labour, Mecmesins’ test systems are combined with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and customised material handling equipment to create test systems tailored to uniquely suit your specific test application.

Benefits include:

  • Increased testing throughput
  • Reduced costs in time and labour
  • Elimination of operator error
  • Improved operator safety
  • Improved accuracy, consistency and quality
  • High repeatability of test results

These automated testers are particularly suited to production environments where the volume of throughput is high, where repetitive tasks can lead to operator error and inconsistent test results, and where consistency of sample mounting is important.

OmniTest Universal Testing Machine with VectorPro MT Software

Mecmesins’ OmniTest provides the ideal solution to materials testing at a competitive price.  Properties of metals, plastics, polymers, alloys, composites, wood, fabrics, glass, laminates and ceramics can be characterised in tension and compression up to 50 kN, without breaking the budget.

The OmniTest range features exceptional rigidity with minimal deflection at full extension and load and ample space to accommodate most sizes of test specimen.

At the heart of the OmniTest lies VectorPro MT control and acquisition software. Powerful, intuitive and touch screen friendly, VectorPro MT has been designed with ease of use at the forefront through an intuitive drag & drop test builder.  It is intuitive to use with minimal training. The icon-based interface acts like a ‘wizard’ taking the user quickly step-by-step through even the most elaborate and complex test routines, with the ability to refine as you go.

Featuring built-in stress-strain calculations and powerful reporting tools, including cloud-based test reporting available on any device that supports HTML, VectorPro MT is suited to both quality assurance checks at the point of manufacture, and the QC or R&D laboratory for in-depth analysis of material properties.

Mecmesin offers a range of digital contacting extensometers, enabling VectorPro MT to accurately calculate the strain for elastic, ductile and brittle materials.

Customers across all industries can benefit from the quality and precision of the OmniTest UTMs.  From safety-critical plastic materials used in medical devices through to metallic components used in aerospace.


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