The Use Of Laser Alignment and Measurement in Industry

Alrad provides an outstanding range of laser diode modules for many industrial, medical and imaging applications, which can provide a rapid and extremely accurate method of precision measurement and alignment allowing non-contact measurement of position, distance, motion and vibration over long distances. Laser alignment has solved some of the most difficult manufacturing problems in the aviation, shipbuilding and automotive industries, where precise measurements and positioning are often mission-critical and are needed across long spans and distances.

As manufacturing in these industries requires tight tolerances over long distances; laser alignment is used for positioning and measuring, as it can detect small deviations from a reference line over long distances.  Over the years lasers have dramatically improved manufacturing efficiency and profitability.

The Positioning laser combines sturdy durability and reliable accuracy in a versatile alignment laser. Positioning laser modules consist of a laser diode, optics and driver electronics constructed in a rugged isolated housing. A wide range of applications include the positioning of tools, fixtures and materials and the alignment of instruments and machines.

In the medical field ensuring that instruments are well aligned with the patient helps to ensure high quality imaging, giving clearer information and ultimately helping to achieve swift and accurate diagnoses.

Patient-positioning systems typically use a laser module mounted alongside the imaging instruments, clearly showing where images will be taken and allowing the instruments and patient to align to get the best image. Usually a red (635 nm) laser line or cross is used, to give a high level of visibility. In some cases a green laser module may be used because of the human eye’s enhanced sensitivity to green and the need for clarity when projected onto the skin of patients. Co-axial alignment of the laser beam with the body of the laser housing is critical to achieve a high level of accuracy for the positioning system in the field of Machine Vision, Coherent’s high-performance StingRay laser diode modules, measuring only 19 mm in diameter, offer the user a wide variety of possibilities.

With a modular design, using the industries’ premier laser diodes, the StingRay laser modules deliver best-in-class performance. High-quality glass optics and drive electronics deliver the power and control to your application to improve signal-to-noise and measurement speed. High laser line uniformity adds to the sophistication of this module series

Available in wavelengths at 405, 450, 488, 520, 639, 640, 655, 660, 685, 785, and 830 nm with output powers including 1, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, 75, 90, 100, 150 and 200 mW.

StingRay also includes the micro-focus (uFocus).

For those applications that call for very compact units, we offer modules with diameters as small as 10 mm, complete with integrated optics and drive circuitry

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