(Oxford, U.K. 24th November 2020) Alloyed (formerly OxMet Technologies) brings together the advanced technology brands Alloys-By-Design (ABD), Betatype, and Alloyed Digital Manufacture (ADM) and provides a compelling offering for optimising advanced digital metal manufacturing applications.

Today the company is delighted to announce the acquisition of an Electro-Thermal Mechanical Testing (ETMT) machine, and so becomes one of the only private companies globally to have this technology in-house for the benefit of its customers.

The £300K investment in the ETMT machine is strategically very important for Alloyed, and the technology resides in its 1000 m2 laboratory in Oxford, U.K. where metal research, testing and characterisation takes place.

Gael Guetard, Alloyed’s Rapid Alloy Research Centre Director says, “While the ETMT machine adds hugely to our in-house technology portfolio used on behalf of an array of customers working on exacting AM and non-AM metal product applications, it is the combination of the technology with the vast experience of the Alloyed team that is the real strength. Alloyed’s unrivalled expertise lies in using advanced metallurgy, the latest simulation techniques, and a profound understanding of the factors that drive alloy performance. The company focuses on multi-scale materials and multi-physics modelling, prediction and analysis of fatigue and failure (an area enhanced by the ETMT machine), and the optimisation of complex manufacturing processes, including AM. While many customers have come to us since we installed the ETMT machine to take advantage of its superior attributes, it is often a gateway for them to then take advantage of the array of services that Alloyed can offer for advanced metal manufacturing projects.”

Installed just over one month ago, the ETMT machine makes Alloyed a one-stop shop for a number of metal tests that would have previously only been possible through the agency of a number of different testing companies using a variety of technologies. The ETMT machine can perform tensile and compression tests, creep tests (also called stress-rupture tests), and fatigue tests. Tests can be undertaken in air, vacuum, or foreign gases such as Argon.

The temperature of the sample being tested is controlled by the Joule effect, meaning that temperatures in excess of 1000°C can be attained. The ETMT machine can also quickly heat and cool samples, affording the ability to cycle the temperature or perform in-situ heat treatments.

Guetard continues, “At Alloyed, we have equipped the ETMT with a state-of-the-art digital image correlation (DIC) system, which allows us to optically measure strain on the sample during testing. The machine is well suited for miniature test specimens, which allows us to obtain site-specific mechanical properties from large parts such as forgings. We have also found it very valuable in measuring the properties of fine additively manufactured structures like lattices or thin walls. The machine is extremely versatile and allows for an array of tests to be undertaken under one roof, so any interested parties can approach us to discuss the possibilities and also to assess what else we can help with through Alloyed’s unique stack of technologies for the manufacture of advanced metal components both by additive or traditional means.”

The investment in the ETMT system is a stand out example of Alloyed’s commitment to excellence and providing a broad range of complementary services for its pan-industrial global customers.