Raptor OWL 640 T VIS-SWIR Camera

The World’s First SWaP Optimised ½” / VGA InGaAs Sensor with VIS-SWIR Response The Owl 640 T is the latest variant of the Owl 640 family, being the world’s first SWaP optimised ½” / VGA InGaAs sensor with a 10µm x 10µm pixel pitch. The Owl 640 T offers a spectral response from 0.6µm to […]


The decision by power generation company EDF to repair, rather than replace, leaking pipework at its nuclear power plant in Bugey has proved hugely beneficial both practically and financially.  Maintenance engineers used Henkel’s LOCTITE® Composite Pipe Repair System to restore the integrity of 170m of fresh water pipes, a process that was undertaken without the […]

JET PRESS is all set to work with EV Charging Point makers

There are increasing numbers of electric vehicles on British roads, and this is great news for the environment. But can the supply of EV charging points keep up with the increasing demand?  Ofgem, the government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the UK, recently conducted a survey.  They found 36% of households that don’t […]

Pick & Place with Linear Motors

Modular Robotics Linear Motors have greatly simplified fast precision linear motion and Linmot® has been the main pioneer of the tubular type of motor. This form is much simpler to implement and allow for the direct replacement of pneumatic cylinders without need additional encoders and switches.


The automotive giant has revolutionised the fabrication of jigs, tools and fixtures across its Barcelona manufacturing line, reducing costs by 95% and lead times from one week to just one day. The car manufacturer could roll out the technology to create parts and prototypes at other sites after a successful introduction in Europe. Nissan has […]

Quality Engineered Steam and Hot Water Boiler Solutions

CFB Boilers is a 125-year-old boiler company that offers a complete range of specialist steam products and services. From steam, electric, hot water boilers and ancillaries to fully bespoke plant room design and installation, these suppliers are the experts that hundreds of companies across dozens of industries turn to for quality engineered, high performance, reliable […]

90 percent reduction in mounting time

All Schaeffler monorail guidance systems are now available with ADE steel cover strip The biggest advantage of our monorail guidance systems with ADE steel cover strip is that they enable enormous assembly time savings of up to 90 percent to be achieved during commissioning and maintenance work. This is why Schaeffler’s linear recirculating ball or […]

With proper knowledge of encoder functionality and the ability to use them, it is possible to increase the company’s productivity – in other words, encoders save time and money and improve company results.

British Encoder Products Company’s new LCX Series draw wire units work with other encoders to accurately measure position and provide motion feedback in motion control applications. The LCX Series of Draw Wire solutions is manufactured for BEPC/EPC by our German technology partner and offers wire lengths from 1 to 42.5 meters in length.

Innovative technology for face-to-face meetings

The return of office workers presents a new challenge to businesses seeking to protect their staff and visitors from the risks posed by SARS-CoV-2, its variants, and other microbiological hazards. “It’s not as simple as turning up the ventilation, or installing new ventilation,” claims indoor air quality expert Keith Esdon. “Viruses are spread by infected, […]

Keeping A Cool Head With Data Storage

Titan Enterprises’ reliable flow monitoring of refrigerant liquids using its 900 and 1000 series turbine flow sensor devices helps keep data storage cool. A leading manufacturer and supplier of precision cold liquid flow-measurement devices, Titan’s standard and OEM custom flowmeter designs meet the demands of specialist coolant flow applications, where reliable and effective cooling arrangements […]