Efficient Solution for Steel Applications

Temperature Measurement of Pouring Streams When liquid steel is tapped from a basic oxygen (BOF) or electric arc (EAF) furnace, it is advantageous to minimize the quantity of slag carried over into the ladle. Measuring the average temperature of the pouring stream during the pour can be a challenge with the presence of slag and […]

How Pump Selection Can Affect Total Cost of Ownership 

While considerations should be made on the total cost of ownership (TCO) when specifying a pump, the most important criteria should be that it is fit for purpose, to ensure optimal productivity. Selecting the wrong pump can prevent the pump from performing to its full potential and lead to unnecessary downtime, wear, maintenance and energy […]

Bespoke Diamond Tooling at its best for over 60 years

John Emptage – Sales & Marketing Manager, DK Holdings Limited Diamond is pure carbon in a cubic crystal structure and the hardest of all known materials to man. Many applications in the Engineering industry benefit from the use of this natural resource, especially processes machining difficult materials such as Tungsten Carbide, Glass and Composites. Diamond […]

Wait or Hold?

Buffering delivers a leaner, faster edition to your overall warehouse processes Warehouse and production operations use buffer systems when their processes include a wait or hold step, material handling process requires reserve inventory to manage fluctuating demands, or when there’s a requirement for a quick and accurate order consolidation process before shipping. Without the proper […]

SICK’s Next-Generation Ruler3000 Offers a Fast Track to Breakthrough 3D Vision Power

SICK has unveiled the first in a new generation of Ruler3000 3D streaming cameras, designed to offer a fast track for integrators to harness the unmatched speed and measurement precision of SICK’s high-definition 3D imaging technology. The SICK Ruler3000 sets a new standard for high-speed 3D image quality in an easy-to-integrate, pre-calibrated device.

Sludge Cake to Liquid in Minutes

Yorkshire Water Knostrop is a large wastewater treatment plant servicing a growing population of 800,000 people. The decision was taken to rebuild the works with standard digestion and a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. The contract was given to build a facility to process indigenous sludge and imported dewatered sludge cake.